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6 Thai Women Dating Secrets You Must Know

Dating Thai women is interesting, to say the least. They are so exotic as is their dating style. Before you start overthinking things and let nerves get the best of you, check out the advice below. You’ll find six Thai women dating secrets sure to help you meet a great girl and impress her along the way.

Ask Them Out Discreetly

This is number one on the list of Thai women dating secrets because this is where men make their first mistake. Especially when they travel to meet women in Thailand. Oftentimes their approach is too bold and scares women away. Thai women are shy and reserved so you must match that energy to put them at ease. Additionally, you want to ask a Thai woman out in a discreet manner because those who date outside of their culture still face scrutiny. Some will accuse a woman dating a foreign man of being a sex worker or something similar. Even if you meet a woman online and decide to visit once the relationship is established enough, always behave with discretion for her sake.

Thai Women Always Act Uninterested

Don’t take offense if a Thai woman acts like she doesn’t like you. The more obvious this is, the more she actually is interested in you (unless you get a flat out no). Showing interest in a man is not something Thai women do. They are very subtle when it comes to courtship and expect men to do all the work. In other words, PURSUE!

Avoid Jokes

Thai women, well Thai people in general, do not like to confront, be confronted or be embarrassed. Unfortunately for all you jokesters, all can happen because of a bad joke. You know how you can date Western women, give them a hard time in a humorous way and they like you more? This will not work with Thai women. Chances are, they will end up embarrassed or angry – both of which you don’t want on a date. It isn’t that Thai women do not have a sense of humor. They just don’t share the same type of humor meaning your jokes will probably be misunderstood. You can start being your funny self once you get to know her and learn what makes her laugh.

Stay Away From Any Woman Who Says She’s Looking for a “Farang guy”

Farang is the Thai word for white people or Westerners. Usually, Thai women only in search of this type of man are opportunists looking for a ticket out of the country or at least a man to spend money on her. If in search of a real relationship, you want to steer clear and go for nice Thai women simply looking for love. There are many of them out there and they are the ones capable of building an honest relationship.

Take Her Somewhere Nice

Thai women often think foreign men are sex tourists and want to stay away. You never want to fall into this category. To combat this stereotype, take a Thai woman somewhere nice when you score a date. This is one of the Thai women dating secrets that is foolproof and will ensure a second date. Opting for a quiet, intimate restaurant shows that you’re serious about pursuing a relationship rather than a one night stand. During the date, be a gentleman, be patient if there is a language barrier and have fun. You may also want to bring her a small gift if you’re looking to earn a few bonus points. Something like chocolates or flowers will instantly increase her interest in you. Taking a Thai woman to a bar or club for a date will only insult her and give her the idea that you are looking for sex.

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