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7 Differences Between Russian and Asian Brides

Russian and Asian women differ. They bring their own uniqueness to a relationship. This means you must choose which women you want to pursue – assuming you’re looking for international brides. Below you’ll find seven differences between Russian and Asian brides.


A major difference between Russian and Asian brides is their physical appearance. If you find petite, often modestly dressed women with almond shaped eyes and flowing black hair attractive, you’ll find Asian brides most appealing. As for those who prefer tall, thin blondes with pale skin and a somewhat flashy, sexy style of dress, Russian is the way. In other words, they have their own exotic beauty to offer a man.

Preferred Age Gap

Another difference between Russian and Asian brides is the preferred age of potential husbands. Both find it acceptable to wed older men but Asians are more accepting of a wider age gap whereas Russian women usually do not exceed the 10-15-year mark. Asian women do not consider age at all and are therefore open to marrying much older men. The only thing they strive for is a loving husband who is also an excellent provider.

The Role of Family

When you marry an Asian woman, you are making a promise to both her and her family. This means caring for both as much as you can. Obviously, your focus is your wife and children, once the two of you decide to start a family, but husbands are expected to help his wife’s family out when needed. This may involve sending money occasionally or doing whatever else to provide some assistance. On top of that, it is important to attend family events. Russian in-laws are less involved. All they ask is that you take good care of your wife, respect her and be a gracious host when they visit.

How They Perceive Relationships

The way they perceive relationships is another significant difference between Russian and Asian brides. Again, with Asian women, their families play a large role in their relationships. They are always offering tips, advice and can be overbearing at times although it comes from a place of love. This is a good thing because they encourage women to keep with those traditional values which is what men want but they may also insert themselves when it isn’t necessary. Russian women are more headstrong and independent. In other words, they take all advice given with a grain of salt.


Asian women are sexually modest due to their culture while Russians are more sexually aware. It is very important for Asian women to remain untouched until marriage to remain a respectable woman in society. If not, they’re ostracized making it impossible to find a husband. Although somewhat conservative, Russian women are more open to sex. They may decide to save themselves until marriage but are comfortable with kissing and other affections. Russian women also have established a level of comfort when it comes to exuding sexuality. It is quite natural for them.

Role in the Home

An Asian bride is perfectly content staying at home, raising children and cheering her husband on as he progresses in his career. Although intelligent, most don’t insist on working since they like a dominant man who acts as the head of the household. That being said, if she grows bored, her entrepreneurial spirit may kick in which can result in her starting a small business of her own. Perhaps one that she runs out of the home. Russian women play a similar role when it comes to caring for the home and a family but also demand more from their husbands. They put in the work AND want to experience the luxuries of being a housewife like splurging a bit on nice things. Asian brides, on the other hand, are more frugal.

What They Add to a Marriage

Lastly, Asian and Russian brides differ when it comes to what they have to offer a marriage. Chinese women bring loyalty and family values along with a strong sense of friendship that many men want with their partner. Despite offering similar values, Russian women also bring a lot of passion, fire and have an adventurous side making them best suited for men who like to take risks every once in a while.

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