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Best 3 Asian dating apps for hookup

The most loved Asian dating apps and why so

No. 3 app. AsianDating

No. 2 app. AsianDate

No. 1 app. Brilic

Top strategies to date Asian girls online

Why are Asian girls into interracial dating?



The most loved Asian dating apps and why so

Asian women are beautiful and sexy, with the most unique appearance that is a turn-on for many men. But, where to meet them online and do they really practice international dating?

They surely do, and multiple happy couples confirm that. Asian girls are actually more demanding when it comes to dating apps, than their western and European peers.

There are two main categories of platforms women in Asia prefer, very simple and casual apps with selfies vs super stylish and trendy apps with elements of social networks.

In the list of most popular Asian dating apps our dating experts composed for you, we’ll comment whether they belong to the first or second category so that you know what to expect.No. 1 app. Brilic

No. 3 app. AsianDating

The app AsianDating is given four stars by its members and dating bloggers, but it promises to keep on improving its positions in the market. It belongs to a dating giant Cupid Media.

It belongs to the first category – simple apps with casual photos. Yet, many girls do their best to provide professional or highly qualitative amateur photos and fill their profiles in detail.

The process of chatting and overall communication on the app is easy and classical. There are no unique or innovative features, but both girls and men seem to be satisfied with the results.

No. 2 app. AsianDate

This app, just like a previous one, didn’t get stressed much about the title. Yet, it’s efficient enough and quite high-rated. It appears to be a clone of AnastasiaDate site and app, so the owner is same.

It’s definitely the simplest and most casual dating app, with thousands of selfies that are set as profile photos. It’s easy to chat there, but dating agencies may bother you with some extra services.

No. 1 app. Brilic

Finally, it’s an independent Asian dating app not belonging to the commercial giants. And finally, it’s an app of the second category: a very trendy and innovative one.

As soon as it appeared in the market, Asian girls went crazy about it. First if all, it attracts with a very romantic layout depicting a charming and loving Asian woman and her happy white boyfriend.

Secondly, it really has features of the social network including an informative dating blog in Chinese and Japanese, discussions, multiple kinds of smileys and ability to add favorites.

Brilic can be called an elite dating app due to its pricing and principles of work. Girls feel and enjoy this high quality in all aspects, as well as the guarantee of a man’s stability and success.

However, it isn’t expensive since there is a long trial period and a flexible system of discounts. There are also sections for Eastern European dating and many other kinds of international affairs.

fact Asian women

Top strategies to date Asian girls online

Asian women’s mentality differs depending on the region, but there are uniting similarities as well. They are still the most feminine and caring on Earth, and it doesn’t seem to change in future.

Yet, they can be a bit spoiled or looking for a profit if their environment made them so. Let’s see which primary conclusions one can have just by learning from what country an Asian girl is.

Chinese women like to talk about practical things, such as a meeting in real, favorite dishes and occupations, conditions of living, common travelling plans. They’re straightforward and friendly.

Japanese girls love receiving compliments and do everything to deserve them. They are very sexual and don’t have boundaries in discussing intimacy, but not in a vulgar form.

Vietnamese girls are very simple, they’d rather post their average selfie than a professional photo. It makes sense to ask them about their traditions and daily life, they’ll gladly tell.

Singaporean women are well-known fashion lovers and have a good income, so they do not react on gifts that much. Discuss progressive topics with them such as world news and luxurious travelling.

Hong Kong women differ from Beijing ones. They don’t even chat much and prefer to get straight to the point, since their daily life is extremely busy. They’re both modern and traditional.

Filipina girls spend online long hours, since they keenly need a life partner and some support from him as well. They’re very easy-going and flirtatious, so chose the lightest topics for talks.

South Korean women have many wonderful characteristics so devote some time to learning about them and their life. They are usually proud of their families, so ask more about the parents.

Indonesian girls are rarely found online since they’re after serious relationships only. But when you get a chance to talk to them, show your reliability and reveal more about your background.

Finally, Thai girls are very much like Filipina by mentality, but a bit better provided and more confident. They divide for escort girls and serious women, so ask them right questions from the beginning.

date Asian girls online

Why are Asian girls into interracial dating?

Some men are surprised by the fact Asian women are so fond of white men. Why would they, after centuries of local marriages and adsorbing their own inter-Asian pop culture?

First of all, it’s not true that interracial affairs started only nowadays due to commercial reasons. There was always a place for them in a history, and there are too many examples to ignore them.

Women in the Philippines used to date or serve Americans during war, and Geishas in Japan have always had white clients from the west. Even if other Asian countries were less visited in the past.

Today, the influence of Hollywood movies and songs, a certain kind of worshipping of white male celebrities plays a big role in Asian girls’ daily stereotypes and desires.

Many of them also count on western men’s help in escaping from their own country or improving their level of life. But regardless of that, they all tend to keep on working hard.

Another reason that is rarely mentioned, is that Asian men in fact started to fall for European or western women as well. Chinese men, particularly, often marry blonde girls from Russia.

Best Asian Dating Apps: Review on Brilic, Zoosk, Pairs & more…

Although lots of Asian women have reasons for leaving their homeland, they aren’t exactly happy with Asian men from more prosperous countries, so they prefer westerners.

For example, it’s official statistics that South Korean men are very abusive towards their poor Filipina wives. They and their mothers literally treat those girls like objects owned by them.

Western husbands and boyfriends never did so much harm, so they’re considered much safer. Thai women and Chinese brides name the same reason among other aspects pushing them to date a westerner.

Despite a negative myth expanded by jealous Asians, that their women are treated badly by all foreigners, women themselves admit a more gallant and admiring attitude from western guys’ side.

So it isn’t correct to think Asian women are shallow in their choice and like men with white skin or a big wallet no matter what. They do have feelings and their own observations, and desire safety.

Success stories and real couples’ examples show Asian girls always fall in love sincerely and deeply, even if they have to start from rational reasoning. They make amazing, loyal wives and girlfriends.


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