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What differs Chinese and Japanese girls physically?

Are their mentalities different too?

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What differs Chinese and Japanese girls physically?

For beginners in Asian dating, it might be hard to decide where to seek a partner, in China or Japan. Although both Asian, these countries are completely different and so are women there.

They surely look exotic for someone from the west, but it depends what exactly you want to find, and what would make you happy. Chinese women are all petite, Japanese are somewhat taller.

Girls in China are rather flat, just like in Vietnam or South Korea. But it’s perfect for someone who prefers a childish type of beauty. Japanese hotties are a bit more curvy, small- or average-breasted.

If to compare popular models in China and Japan, it’s easy to see Japanese ones are moreJapanese girls

European-looking. Some of them may reach that with the help of plastic surgery though.

National costumes and makeup remained in the past in both countries. The only thing they do differently, is daily routine giving the glass skin effect. Looks really unique on them.

It would be fair to admit that Chinese women often prefer sportive clothes for their casual looks, while Japanese girls are nearly as fashionable as Singaporean ones. They love dresses and heels.

But in general, all modern Asian women living on a continent tend to choose a fancy, teen-friendly style of clothes which is genderless in a good meaning: stylish, bright, and comfortable.

Japanese girls seem to dye their hair in fun colors more often, than Chinese ones. If you dislike that, go for older women or office workers who look more classical and official.


Are their mentalities different too?

Any western man will be happy to learn that both Chinese and Japanese girls are very hard-working. This quality unites them, and it’s firmly programmed in their genotype.

It’s a big relief to have a hard-working girlfriend or wife, after selfish and lazy western or Eastern European women. These ones would always participate in a family budget diligently.

However, Chinese and Japanese mentalities differ in all other aspects. Women from China are usually willing to leave their country, so they are better prepared for the concept of international dating.

There are many reasons for that. For a long time, there was a law in China allowing every family to have one child only. Parents had to leave a son who keeps a surname and continues the bloodline.

Daughters were either aborted or given to childless families. Although women are in minority in China today, and in a high demand, no one wants this story to be repeated in their life.Chinese and Japanese girls

Women naturally prefer to get married to a foreigner in any other country, adapt to a new society, and raise their children there, instead of putting them to the risk in China.

Plus, Chinese men’s minds got greatly westernized, and many of them are seeking an Eastern European bride or any other white foreign woman. It also pushes China girls to search elsewhere.

These weren’t such problems in Japan, so women seem to be more attached to their country. However, it is overpopulated and always crowded, especially Tokyo and other big touristic cities.

It makes daily life less comfortable, purchase or renting a property almost impossible, affects all areas and activities. Tokyo women don’t mind to travel or relocate for making their life quieter.

As to Asian women’s family values, all is just great. They can be called the best and the most traditional wives in the world, at the moment. It doesn’t look like they would ever adopt feminism.

Women in Asia have been working as much as men since ages, due to a vital necessity not due to the progress. Some prefer to get modern specialties and others work on simple jobs like their moms did.

A small business could be delegated to just any woman from Asia, she would manage pretty well. All big and corporate businesses are always managed by men in wealthy families.

But, doesn’t matter rich or poor, an Asian woman always has time and willing to take care of her husband and children. They are extremely loving and detailed in their utmost care.

Both Chinese and Japanese women would rather feed you with their national dishes. For Japan, it’s half-raw seafood and for China, it’s veggie dishes with bitter-sweet sauces.

Girls rarely learn other kinds of cuisine while living in their homeland, but once they relocate, they gladly adapt to the new dishes. However, rice remains in the menu no matter what.

Japanese women are calmer and quieter, also more submissive in a bed. While Chinese girls can express their opinion bravely and argue when necessary. They don’t mind to switch sexual roles.

But in any case, both categories of women are exactly those perfect wives and girlfriends men are dreaming of, who will greet you with a kiss and tasty dinner after work, and never refuse you as a lover.


How to court a Japan or Chinese girl?

Courtship has a more important meaning in Asia than in Europe or in the west. Girls in general are targeting long-term relationships, rather than hookups, and postpone the moment of intimacy.

Secrets of success are different in Japan and China. Chinese girls give up their principles, if to draw them a nice perspective of living abroad, while Japanese beauties love being treated like princesses.

They enjoy little cute gifts, stuffed bears, heart-shaped balloons, shopping with their man, going out to cultural events. All that gives a good guarantee they’ll answer with a kiss and allowance.

Be very careful when you’re choosing gifts though, learn their culture first. Especially in Japan, there can be a complicated system of meanings regarding flowers, colours of the clothes, other objects.Girls in China

Japanese and Chinese women surely expect you to get acquainted with their parents, other family members. Japanese families are usually smaller than Chinese ones, so it’s somewhat easier.

Nobody thinks you should arrive with a lot of food or brand-new gifts for everyone. They normally expect you to bring something sweet or any kind of drink, and to smile them politely.

Lots of modern Asian girls or older women in these two countries aren’t in hurry at all to make you acquainted with their mom and dad. They’ll walk a lot with you first, talk a lot, and probably test you.

In China, this testing includes practical questions, such as your background, professional opportunities, real intentions, responsibilities to ex-wife and children, your living conditions.

In Japan, testing is really cute and playful, a girl is just asking about your favorite things and hobbies, checking your taste of humour, your deepest thoughts and feelings towards her.

Dating a Chinese or Japanese woman is always fun, and exciting. They teach you something new, they open their hearts and shower you with care, in addition, they’re the sexiest creatures on Earth.


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