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Chinese Women Dating Secrets

Chinese women are unique and dating them requires a different approach. You want to appeal to them on all levels to build a strong foundation for a lasting relationship. This means focusing on her mind and spirit all while increasing her physical attraction to you. Do that and a Chinese woman will want to stay with you forever no matter how many miles away you are. Below are six Chinese women dating secrets you should know.

Be Bad

Well, be a LITTLE bad. Every woman who denies her attraction to bad boys is a liar. Women, especially Chinese wife, like a little edge because it heightens a man’s masculinity. They are so used to extremely polite foreign men who play by the rules and treat them like royalty that men who step outside the box stand out. It is always a good idea to be polite but you also have to show some edge to heighten her sexual attraction towards you. Do this by adding some thrill to your dates. Break a rule or take her on an adventure. They are more into the adventurous thrill seeker bad boys than the disrespectful ones. Also, don’t drool over her. Bringing some dominant confidence to dates will do a lot of good and leave her wanting more. When you don’t instantly give a Chinese woman the attention she is used to, she’ll work harder to get it.

Compliment Her Intelligence

As said above, you never want to drool over your date. Her beauty will make you want to but you must resist the urge. Although true, you should compliment a Chinese woman at some point. Rather than focusing on her physical appearance, compliment her intelligence. Focusing on intelligence instead of looks will make her like you so much more. It will show her that you’re different from other guys she has met who probably made her feel objectified. Chinese women are not a novelty. They’re real people with depth and feelings.

Show Interest in Their Culture

A Chinese woman tends to open up a lot more once the foreign man she’s dating shows interest in her culture. This is one of the best Chinese women dating secrets because it is so easy. All you have to do is ask. Whether you notice something interesting about her way of dress or have a question concerning food or customs, inquire away! She will happily tell you everything you want to know.

Give Her Some Love

Although unfortunate, Chinese women are often treated as property in their culture. Men and women are not equal in Chinese culture and despite adapting to that dynamic, they don’t like it. Do the opposite of what local men do and show the woman you’re dating some love and equality. Doing so is as simple as asking her where she wants to go on a date, valuing her ideas, viewpoints, and encouraging her aspirations. These are all ways that real men show a little love and care. You can show some love even when you’re not in love.

Avoid Politics

Believe it or not, opposing political views can ruin your relationship with a Chinese woman in the dating stage. No matter what you think about the way China is governed, do not touch on the subject. Fortunately, very few women want to talk politics when there is a handsome man across the table. The only time this topic may come up is when inquiring about her culture. If it does, move on to another topic.

Befriend Her Friends

Chances are, you will meet your Chinese beauty online so when you finally see each other in person, you’ll likely meet some of her friends as well. They may even join you on a few “dates” which is common in China. When you do, befriend them. Making nice with those close to her will show that you’re serious about pursuing a relationship and reduce the chance of her friends trying to persuade her to stop seeing you. Girl-friends tend to do this because they are either 1. Jealous 2. Think their friend deserves more than a long-distance relationship or 3. Want to encourage their friend to keep with tradition by dating a local man.

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