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Do guys think about their hookups throughout the day

 There is a stereotype guys are too cool for thinking about their hookups and texting them. However, it’s not always so. Some categories of men can’t resist thinking of their casual lover.

Young and romantic men keep on recalling their sex mate even if they know it’s not serious. They want it to potentially grow into something bigger and dream of that.

Womanizers think a lot about their hookups exactly because they’re collecting women. It pleases them to recall each detail of the meeting and feel like winners.

Lone wolfs have too many other interests throughout a day, but at least once a day, they enjoy bright memories about the intimacy and physical interaction with a girl.

Older men are sentimental and a bit slow-thinkers, they can’t help that. This is why they think a lot even about hookups, all matters to them and they analyze the stuff.

Party animals rarely think of their hookups at all, but if a person is fun to go out with, they may appreciate a casual lover as a buddy and return to her in their thoughts.

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