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Why do we like the Asian type of beauty?

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Why do we like the Asian type of beauty?

If your turn-on is sexy brunettes but you have never tried hookuping Asian women, there’s something wrong in your life plan because you are missing out such a keen pleasure.

Why do men usually seek black-haired lovers, and how come it’s all available in Asia? Let’s analyze step by step, since nothing is meaningless in people’s sexology.

Psychologists say seeking a dark-haired woman means you want a mature personality who knows perfectly how to please a man. Brunette lovers confirm this assumption.

It’s opposed to preferring blondes whose sexiness is all about accepting a man’s desires passively and letting him do what he wants. Blondes are perceived as beta-kittens.

Well, Asian women can play both roles. They are petite and cute like little girls, but some of them can be stunning panthers as well. If you want a woman to lead in the bed, try Thai lovers.

They know men have a weakness for women’s dominance at times, so they learned to be the best in that. Thailand is a highly popular touristic place so they had to refine their Asian woman

Chinese girls are also flexible in that regard, and can be asked to dominate or even given a hint to do that. It isn’t by coincidence that Beijing is called a homeland of the best dominatrix.

Other reasons why men are choosing brunettes, are their ability to look exotic. It’s a turn-on too, and Asian girls greatly succeed in that, especially professional dancers in all countries of Asia.

If you’re after hookups, with modern club dancers, success is almost guaranteed to you. Just make sure you keep away from ladyboys in Thailand and the Philippines, they look very girly.

With ethnic dancers like in Bali and Japan, one will have to put more efforts. Sometimes for a little reward, in other casesjust because they like you, they may leave festive clothes on them by request.

Finally, brunettes are chosen because they’re protective like mothers, unlike blondes who prefer to be daddy girls. It’s about a psychological type connected with one’s physical appearance.

If that is the case for you, you’ll be glad to know that most of Asian women are protective and caring. Let’s take a look at most popular nationalities and you will see it’s true.

Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, and Korean women do not imagine their daily life without cooking for a man, making a house a home, massaging their partner, welcoming his friends when needed.

It’s a part of their upbringing program and it’s out of question that they are practicing that dearly. Filipina girls might be a bit more immature and skip some of their duties, or do things non-diligently.

If one wants to spend his vacation in the Philippines with all possible comfort, he needs to take a girl from a village who used to take care of her family members and cook like in a restaurant.

Singaporean and Taiwanese women are too refined to serve a man like cooks and waiters, but once you get closer and more intimate, they don’t mind being your sweet servant at times.

Vietnamese girls are caring and independent at the same time. They might propose you the street food if you’re hungry, but it’s too tasty to complain anyway. They are rather buddies than mommies.

Thai girls are the most caring because they literally live for a man. They serve male tourists, they do their best for their husbands or fathers, and it’s in their genes to comfort a man in all possible ways.


How to make love to an Asian woman?

Sometimes western men aren’t willing to learn the difference of Asian lovers from all the others, but if they did, they would profit a lot in a bed. Each nationality has its own nuances.

It’s natural that escort girls fulfil all desires of a man without considering their own wishes and sexual habits. But once you start hunting for genuine girls who sleep for free, it’s another thing.

First of all, they really got used that a man initiates the courtship and/or intimacy. Asian men are quite passionate and persistent, so girls expect the same attitude from foreigners.

They may play a role of resistance multiple times, never be discouraged by that. If to keep talking calmly and giving a nice attention, this resistance will finally end and you’ll get allowance.HookUp Asian women

Actually, she may answer your kiss before showing that she was against that, so it’s just a social role. The same with intimacy itself. They pretend to be moody even if they’re super satisfied.

But it’s easy to see it’s just a game, because her eyes are shining and she’s ready to smile big. If her heart is bumping, it means she wants to repeat what you just had together, again and again.

Asian women do not scream in a bed, unless you ask them to. They slightly moan and accept anything a man does, for hours. They rarely complain about the headache or any other obstacles.

It makes Asian girls the most desirable lovers, and attracts men from around the world so make sure you won’t stop the half way. Enjoy fully each Asian hottie you caught during your trip.


Warnings for sex tourists beginners

It’s important not to confuse Asian girls’ roleplay, resistance, with the real problem. For example, she can have a boyfriend, or strict parents, or any other restrictions that don’t allow to say yes.

Indonesian women have a religious issue, they usually date Muslims or men who agree to reverse into Muslims. It makes sense to at least discuss this matter with a girl, if not to give a promise.

South Korean girls are often bound by the pact made with their parents about a partner who is profitable for the whole family. It’s better to hookup Korean girls of middle-class or hookup asia

A fact of having a boyfriend is hard to learn or check, just be attentive. Does she hide her phone calls from you? Does she have a romantic piece of jewelry on her? You don’t need any problems.

Although it happens really rarely, a girl can be against affairs with the foreigners. She may play with you because she wants a free meal or some attention. Make your little investigation and test her.

One should also remember they do not jump to the bed as quickly as their western and European peers. They keenly need some romance and softness before you two go further, it’s a matter of culture.

They care a lot about safe sex, but they’re timid to discuss that topic in a straightforward manner. You’ll help her a lot if you put condoms next to the bed or transfer the process into her cute mouth.

Very young Asian girls may be afraid of their male relatives’ opinion so they prefer to hookup either very close to their house so they can come back home early, or as far away from it as possible.

But in general, no warnings are needed in Asia, the vast majority of women welcome the idea of casual sex or a serious relationship with a westerner. Be patient with them, and it will pay off.



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