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Thai hookup sites to find your perfect match in no time

Thai hookup and dating sites are by far the most preferable and effective way of getting in touch with women from Thailand. It’s highly recommended to use the matchmaking services of dating sites prior to your visit to this exotic Asian country. Here are a few popular sites you may consider checking out:


It would be unfair to put together a list without mentioning ThaiCupid. It’s one of the most popular and commonly used sites in Thailand, with women of different age groups accessing it on a regular basis. This dating and hookup platform has a community of more than one and a half million people, and the numbers keep increasing. With a large database of women’s profiles, you have all the chances to find a girl for a quick Thai hookup, dating, long-term romantic relationship and everything in between.

ThaiCupid is a trusted site with a strict verification process that prevents swindlers form creating fake profiles. The chances of encountering a scammer on this site are much lower than on other platforms. There is also lots of positive feedback on ThaiCupid all over the internet, which means you can count on similar results.

You don’t have to pay anything in order to use the free plan offered by this site, but it’s recommended to go for a premium membership from the very beginning. Free members have to deal with some limitations when using the site. For example, they can’t initiate a conversation with other free members. With a paid plan you unlock certain features that maximize your chances of meeting pretty girls for a casual Thai hookup. The prices are not significant, considering the number of features you’ll be able to unlock.thai hookups

Thai Flirting

Thai Flirting is another popular site dedicated to romance, hookups, love, flirting and relationships. It’s one of the largest dating sites in Thailand, and it’s predominantly focused on bringing together European or American men and local Thai girls. There are plenty of females users on the site, and you can choose a suitable girl among more than seventy thousand profiles with pictures.

There is no shortage of women on this site from every corner of Thailand, including ladies from large cities, tourist hot spots and smaller towns and villages. The site is effortless to navigate, and if you’d like to join a hundred percent free dating platform for a casual Thai hookup, Thai Flirting is definitely recommended.

Thai Friendly

Thai Friendly is extremely popular when it comes to connecting Thai women and guys form countries like the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Western European region. It has more than 750 thousand members, with a great many of them continuously being online. What is great about this site is that it’s focused on hookups and casual dating.

And that’s exactly what you’re looking for. If a person has joined Thai Friendly, it’s highly unlikely they are looking for love, serious commitments and marriage. You won’t have to feel as if you’re deceiving someone. Girls on this site are as eager to have fun as you are. Arranging a great Thai hookup has never been easier. But just in case you don’t mind starting a serious romantic relationship with a girl from Thailand, you’d better go for Thai Cupid instead.

The majority of ladies on Thai Friendly are ordinary woman, including college girls, office managers, call centre operators, teacher, shop girls and so on. Not all of them are astonishingly attractive, so don’t don’t expect anything out of this world. But they are definitely amiable, pleasant, friendly, and it’s lots of fun to spend time with them.

You can join the site for free or go for a premium membership. Members who pay, as a rule, get better results, so it’s recommended to try a premium plan. You can always switch back to the basic one if you don’t get your money’s worth during one month. Free members can send a message only once every ten minutes, and their profiles are usually pushed down in searches by premium users. Also, if you pay, you’ll get a better response rate. Thai women appreciate men who are willing to spend a little money here and there in order to achieve their goals.

Scammers are not rare on Thai Friendly though. If a woman starts complaining about her money situation and asking for financial support, close the chat and search for a Thai girl elsewhere. As a general rule, you shouldn’t send money online to any person you haven’t met in real and hookup apps


No list of dating and hookup apps would be complete without mentioning Tinder. This is by far the most popular dating platform on the planet, and you can discover a lot of Thai women among its members. Yes, women in Thailand would rather use Thai Cupid or Thai Flirting, but they are aware of Tinder’s popularity in the world, and if they want to meet a western guy, they do use this app.

It’s rather effortless to use Tinder. After you get your search results, you are expected to look through a bunch of profile pictures. If you like a Thai girl, swipe right, if you don’t, swipe left. If both of you like each other, you can start exchanging messages.

You should be especially careful when choosing a profile photo for Tinder. As you can make out, it’s a visually oriented app, and if you have an attractive photo, you’re half way to success. Thai girls are visually oriented, too. It’s highly unlikely they’ll notice you on Tinder because of your rich inner world and great personality. What they will judge is your appearance, so make sure to look as presentable as possible.

Badoo Thailand

Badoo is also a widely used dating app with an members from all over the globe. It’s a number one choice in many countries. Thailand is no exception, and if you’re interested in a casual Thai hookup, this platform is not to be underestimated. It works just like tinder, with members swiping left or right.

It also has a “people nearby” function, which is very convenient for those planning a Thai hookup: you won’t have to travel far in order to meet girl. There are plenty of girls on Badoo interested merely in casual dating, but it’s not only a hookup oriented site. There are plenty of women here searching for long term romance, marriage and serious relationships.

Thai Kisses

If you’d like to join a Thai oriented site with a great response rate, make sure to check out Thai Kisses. It boasts half a million of active users, and according to statistics, male to female ratio on this site is one to ten. As you can see, it’s a man’s paradise, and it would be surprising if you are not able to find a girl on this site for a casual Thai hookup. The chances are the girls will start contacting you on their own, so you don’t even have to do much. The site is not difficult to navigate: it has an intuitive interface and a simple design.

These are just a few sites you can use when looking for a Thai women to have fun during your vacation or business trip in Thailand. Feel free to investigate and check out other sites, but make sure to read feedback on different unrelated platforms and take all the necessary precautions in order to avoid scammers and fraudsters. It’s always preferable to go for a paid site rather than a free one, because paid websites provide a better security system.

How to talk to Thai girls via a hookup or dating site?

Here is a step by step instruction on how to use a Thailand focused dating and hookup site.

Create an account

Well, the first thing to do is to choose a website that suits your needs. A great many of them allow you to sign up with your Facebook account, so you won’t even have to provide you basic info in order to start talking to girls online. It’s really that simple and fast. But it’s strongly recommended to fill all the profile fields in order to give a person a clearer idea of who you are.

You don’t have to write much in your profile, but it would be nice to say a few words about you education, job, hobbies and interests. Also write about what sort of girl you’d like to find in Thailand and what exactly you find appealing about Thai women. Avoid common misconception when talking about relationships in Thailand between a foreign man and a local girl.casual Thai hookup

Upload a profile photo

One thing to keep in mind is that Thai girls pay a close attention to appearance. Not only they a lot of care about their own looks but they also judge a man based upon the way he maintains his physic and clothes he wears. If you think that a Thai girl will be happy to associate with just about nay western man, you’re badly mistaken.

A fat slob wearing wrinkled shorts and flip-flops has no chances. That’s why it’s important to choose a nice photograph in order to create a positive first impression. It doesn’t mean you should wear a tuxedo or a formal suit if this is something you never do in day-to-day life. But your clothes should be clean and neatly ironed, stylish and well chosen. If you go for a standard jeans and t-shirt look, make sure it’s a cute, stylish t-shirt and a slick pair of jeans.

Don’t underestimate the accessories – Thai girls pay attention to this sorts of things, too. It’s not recommended to wear sunglasses on your profile photo, because your face should be clearly visible and recognisable. But as for a watch, a scarf or a nice silver ring, feel free to add all these little details. They will look exceedingly appealing to a girl you hope to have a Thai hookup with.

Select compatible women’s profiles

Use a search tool to find women’s profiles according to your search criteria. Make sure to point out the location you’re interested in. If you’re going on a business trip to Bangkok, there is no use establishing a special connection with a woman from Pattaya. An if you are on holidays in Chiang Mai, it’s hardly helpful to romance a woman form Phuket. Bookmark the selected profiles.

Keep it simple

Contact all the girls with a short message introducing yourself, praising their beauty and expressing your wish to get to know them better. If you’re still in your home country, make sure to mention that you’re planning a trip to Thailand in the foreseeable future. If you’re already in Thailand, let them know you’re in their city. As you start talking to each other, avoid long and complicated mails about your entire life and faulty relationships with western women.

Most probably a Thai girl won’t be able to go through a message like this because of her poor English. Keep your messages short and sweet. If you’re still at home, make sure to diversify your communication by texting a girl, chatting in messengers, making video calls and so on.

If you’re already in Thailand, don’t talk much at all. Exchange a few messages and ask the girl out. If you’re a normal person who doesn’t look weird, most probably she’ll agree, and you have all the chances of having a great Thai hookup.

Have fun using Thai dating sites!

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