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Ways to Meet Filipina Brides

There are many ways to meet Filipina brides. Let’s go over the most common to provide you with some direction and help you decide what approach to take. Meeting them is not as difficult as you think. You just have to choose the method that suits you best.

Join a Few Low-Cost Sites

The most popular way to meet Filipina brides is online. To get started, find a few low-cost websites and join. Before you give them your credit card information, do some research to ensure that the site is legitimate and then meet away! The first step of finding potential Filipina brides is getting yourself out there and exploring your options. Once you meet some women, remember to be yourself and talk to them just as you would any other woman. Be charming, polite, compliment, tell them about yourself, your life, highlight any exciting aspects of your life and continue until you find someone that you connect with. If you find that a site isn’t working for you, cancel your subscription and join another. When making your dating site selections, remember that those with more members have a greater chance of connecting you with your future bride. Online dating, whether international or not, is a numbers game. Fortunately, Filipinas love to date online since many want a foreign husband. They often spend their spare time in internet cafes corresponding with potential matches online.

Befriend Someone with a Filipina Wife

Having a Filipina wife isn’t uncommon. Hey, you may even know someone who does. If you do, try befriending him and once a friendship is established, see if his wife knows a woman who might be interested in you. Several people meet their future spouse through friends so why not give it a shot? If you’re really lucky, she may have a friend or relative who is visiting or recently moved to town. If not, don’t hesitate to connect with a woman who resides in the Philippines. If the relationship takes off, you have a beautiful excuse to vacation there or just visit.

Visit the Philippines

For those who prefer to take the direct approach, go to the Philippines to meet potential Filipina brides. It is a beautiful place to visit with many sights to see. While you’re there, be sure to frequent:


Malls are great places to meet women. Before jumping right in and approaching them, scope out your targets. It is best to approach women who are alone or those who have stepped away from their friends along with females that appear bored and in need of company.


If you want to meet outgoing Filipina women, head to a disco and join the party. You’ll find attractive women singing karaoke, dancing and enjoying a few drinks.

While You’re Out and About

The above locations are great but don’t let them stop you from approaching women anywhere else. When you see potential Filipina brides, approach them. Filipinas are very friendly and always looking for a nice man to text with and perhaps date.

As for ensuring that you meet a quality woman…

Hold off on sex.

Any woman worth marrying will not jump into bed with you. If a Filipina does or initiates, it is a safe bet that she’s either a scammer, looking for a free ticket out of the country or worse, a prostitute. In other words, not wife material.

Meet her parents.

You want to get acquainted with her parents sooner than later. When you meet them, bring a gift and be polite. You may be introduced when you pick her up on your first date (if she lives with her parents) or further down the line when a commitment is established.

Spend time with her entire family.

After meeting her parents, introductions to the whole family will follow. Make sure to build individual relationships with everyone. She will appreciate the effort.
Lastly, remember that courting is required to meet Filipina brides sure to stick by your side. First, be her friend and then start going on dates to slowly develop the romance. After that, work on developing relationships with her family (as mentioned above) and ultimately decide if you should ask her to be your wife.

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