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What if I didn’t use a condom for my hookup and how to keep safe

Hookups should be safe as it’s hookup with casual partners, not with well-checked ones. But due to their spontaneous and unplanned nature, mostly at clubs and parties, safety is not always possible.

Specialists recommend to never lose control in this regard. Keep condoms with you in the pocket, doesn’t matter where you go. But if unprotected sex took place, do not ignore that.

As soon as you realize, get the antibacterial intimate gel or cream in the pharmacy. It makes no sense to take any pills though, unless you’re a woman and it’s a pregnancy-stopping pill.

We never know which infection or virus we have caught exactly, until we make medical tests. So, do not choose the pills by yourself without a doctor’s advice after the tests showed positive.

Do not panic either. By statistics, many casual partners appear to be healthy and safe to sleep with, despite their free lifestyle, while stress increases the danger. Calm down and take all measures.

If you know you’re losing your self-control when drunk, try to drink less and stay sober longer. Self-control is a key quality for keeping safe during casual sex.

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